Syrien Hilfe

Collecting help for the bombing victims in Syria


Until 19 February 2021, Syrien Hilfe is taking part in a relief campaign for refugees in the region of Idlib in the North West of Syria. We are collecting donations in Berlin which, together with our trustworthy partners, we will send to Syria.

Perhaps you remember the news headlines. Countless people fled there to protect themselves from the bombing. In the absence of accommodation, they are living in tents in olive tree fields or even in the open air – and now it’s Winter.

How can you help? The products which your organisation may provide are urgently needed in the local camps. It would truly be a great help if you could would make part of your produce available as a donation. Among other things, we are collecting:

  • bicycles

  • wheelchairs

  • blankets, bedding, pillows and mattresses

  • sports equipment

  • school equipment, stationery, school supplies

  • medical aids

  • sanitary products such as nappies

100% of our help goes to the people in need – we have guaranteed this for years! If you need a receipt for your donation, of course we can send them.

We are collecting donations in the Haus der Statistik in Berlin Mitte (Otto-Braun-Straße 70-72) between 25th January 2021 and 19th February. You can also ring Project Manager Hiba Albassir at 0152 / 33608076.


About our association: The association SyrienHilfe e.V. was formed in 2012 and is a recognized charity. We provide humanitarian and emergency help for Syrian refugees mainly inside Syria, but also in the neighbouring countries Lebanon in Turkey. We support or realise different self-help projects and training projects and take care of medical treatment of ill people and invalids as much as our resources allow.


We would welcome your support. Families and children are living in rubble and we want to offer them a future.


Send any financial donations to the following bank account

SyrienHilfe e.V.
Konto-Nr. 1212 2012
BLZ: 665 623 00
VR-Bank in Mittelbaden eG
IBAN: DE80 665 623 0000 1212 2012