Survey – What Workshops do you want to have at Summer Camp 2024?

The LINKE Internationals are having their Summer Camp in the Naturfreundehaus Hermsdorf on 29th-30th June. There will be keynote meetings from Ferat Kocak and activists from Italy and Poland on the rise of the far right in Europe, and Hossam el-Hamalawy and others on Palestine, the Arab States and the Arab Street,

It is now time to choose the subjects of the nine workshops. Last year, we based this choice on a survey of theleftberlin readers about what workshops they would like to experience. Once more, you have the chance to help decide.

Please select the workshops which you would like to see from the list below. If there is a subject not covered, but you think should be, check Other and enter your suggestion. Deadline for voting is the end of January 2024. We will make a decision on the Workshops based on survey results at our meeting on 5th Februaty.