Sudan Uprising

Taking the Sudanese revolution further


Our group, SudanUprising Germany was founded in January 2019 to support the Sudanese revolution. Next week we are launching a new initiative, the #EndJanjaweed campaign. Through it, we aim to end Germany and the EU’s immoral support for migration control and externalized borders in Sudan, and by extension, its complicity in the rise of the Janjaweed militia, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

The word “Janjaweed” is from the Darfur region of Sudan. It refers to militias that are accused by Darfurians and human rights groups of committing genocide, war crimes and mass rape. The RSF has terrorized IDPs, women, migrants, and protestors around the country.

EU policy, led by Germany, has been a key factor since 2015 in the violation of refugee and migrants’ rights in the Horn of Africa. The EU channels its money through a “cooperation framework” called The Khartoum Process. The RSF were tasked by then dictator Omar al-Bashir of intercepting refugees and migrants at the borders. Though al-Bashir is gone, there is evidence that the Khartoum Process not only remains but may be expanding.

SudanUprising Germany’s new website (live from 18/10 on) is the best way to stay informed about the campaign and how to support it.