Sudan Solidarity Festival for Freedom, Peace and Justice

Music, Dialogue & Support for Sudan. Together for peace!


Sudan Solidarity Festival for Freedom, Peace and Justice is organized by a group of individuals and associations in solidarity with Sudan, under the patronage of the association “My body belongs to me” (Mein Körper gehört mir e.V.).  

A devastating war has been raging in Sudan since April of this year. Thousands of people have been killed and millions have fled. And that after people overthrew a dictatorship in 2019 in a peaceful revolution under the slogan “Freedom, Peace and Justice”.  

Sudan Solidarity Fest wants to set an example for peace in Sudan by bringing people together and encouraging mutual exchange! With live acts by solidarity musicians from Sudan and Germany, we want to celebrate the courage of the Sudanese who have been opposing the oppressive military for years. Through music, Sudanese food and an arts exhibition, we say it out loud: Stop the war!  

Most importantly, we seek to collect donations on site and through the entrance to support the work of neighborhood initiatives such as resistance committees and grassroots feminist organizations in Sudan.  

Every donation and every visitor counts. If you can’t be there, invite a friend or donate an amount that you can give. Thanks for your support.

Sudan Solidarity Fest for Freedom, Peace and Justice

Saturday, 26. August 2023, 6pm

Festsaal Kreuzberg Am Flutgraben 2