Stop the war and bloodshed in Gaza and Israel!

Resolution of the district executive DIE LINKE. Neukölln passed on the 12 October 2023


DIE LINKE. Neukölln commemorates the victims of the war in Israel and Palestine and expresses its deep sympathy to the their loved ones. Neukölln is also home to many people with Israeli and Palestinian backgrounds; our thoughts are with our fellow citizens who are worried and grieving for their abducted, injured and killed relatives, friends and acquaintances, and who must continue to fear for the lives of their families and friends.

DIE LINKE. Neukölln condemns the horrific attacks by Hamas on Israel. The attacks on civilians, their murder and abduction, are war crimes that cannot be justified by anything.

DIE LINKE. Neukölln condemns the Israeli bombardments, to which civilians in Gaza are exposed without protection and without the possibility of escape. The complete blockade (electricity, water, food) of the Gaza Strip also takes the entire population hostage and constitutes a war crime.

DIE LINKE. Neukölln stands in solidarity with all those democratic forces who are working for a peaceful solution to the conflict and for a future in which all people in this region can live together in peace, dignity and security.

DIE LINKE. Neukölln demands an immediate ceasefire, the release of the hostages and the lifting of the blockade of Gaza. It advocates an end to the Israeli occupation, which is illegal under international law, and an end to the systematic oppression of the Palestinians.

DIE LINKE. Neukölln calls on the federal government to stop the export of weapons to war and crisis zones and to work for an immediate ceasefire and for the settlement of the conflict by peaceful means.

DIE LINKE. Neukölln criticises the blanket bans on demonstrations in connection with Palestine solidarity in this country and the resulting massive restriction of fundamental rights. The most recent demonstrations on 11 October also faced repression and the use of force by the police. Even a demonstration by students and parents against racism and violence at a school in Neukölln was banned.

DIE LINKE. Neukölln opposes the renewed attempt by politicians and the media to stigmatise people with a migrant background in Neukölln and to expose them to a racist campaign.

DIE LINKE. Neukölln remains steadfast in the struggle against antisemitism, anti-Muslim racism and any other form of racist discrimination. It will continue to work for a peaceful and mutually supportive coexistence of all Neuköllners, whether from Palestine, Israel or other parts of the world, and whether they are religious or not. For a peaceful coexistence of all people in a Neukölln of solidarity!

The original version of this statement (in German) can be found on the LINKE Neukölln website. Translation: Priska Komaromi. Reproduced with permisson