Stop political expulsion at Berlin universities

Urgent Call to Action: Students, Academic Freedom and Democracy under Attack


Copy the linked template, edit it to your liking and send it to the representatives of your district. You can find their contact sorted by district here. If you disagree with something in the letter, feel free to change it, or simply write an email in your own words.

At the end of this text, we added  a template in English and German, that students can send to their professors, lecturers, academics, and research assistants asking them to also speak out.


On March 26, Berlin is debating a change to the Higher Education Act where “politically motivated expulsion” can be used as a disciplinary measure in universities. This not only threatens people’s right to stay in Germany, as visas can be tied to student status, but sets a frightening precedent of shutting down student political organizing and restricting academic freedom. They are quickly pushing this in during semester break, and leaving little possibility of organized opposition. We need a wide alliance of students and non-students to oppose the right-wing turn in Germany: WE CANNOT LET THIS PASS!

Why It’s Important for You to Send Out

By using this template to express your concerns, you contribute to the collective effort to protect the rights and freedoms of students and faculty members at Berlin universities. Together, we can make our voices heard and work towards a more just and equitable higher education system in Berlin.

Sign our petition

Petition · Hände weg vom Hochschulgesetz: Politisch motivierte Exmatrikulationen in Berlin stoppen! ·

The actual law proposal

Siebzehntes Gesetz zur Änderung des Berliner Hochschulgesetzes (17. BerlHG-ÄnderungsG)

You can find the suggested mail to politicians and to professors, lecturers, academics, and research assistants here. Please take the time to send a message to protect academic freedom in Berlin.