Solidarity Action for Ehsan!

Help a cook escape Afghanistan


Ehsanullah, born in Kundus, Afghanistan, came to Berlin in 2015 as a 14-year-old.

Since 2019 he’s been living with a Berlin family and working as a voluntary chef in the FSX (Freie Schule Kreuzberg – Free School Kreuzberg). At the beginning of July this year he had booked flights to Kabul and back to visit his family for the first time in 7 years. He did not know that the Taliban would take Kundus on 8 August.

His family in Kundus, as well as the family in Berlin, have done everything to organise a way out for him – an exit from Afghanistan. Until now, they have not been successful.

Ehsan already has substantial costs for the telephone, food supplies and changing flights.

At the moment, there are two realistic possibilities of helping Ehsan now (and to help his family longer term).

1. We collect enough money for Ehsanullah´s return flight. A flight has been booked for 6th September. This flight will not happen, but it can be rescheduled to a later date – as soon as commercial flights can leave Kabul again. KAM Air and Turkish Airlines are airlines which have been offering flights from Kabul for days, but are still negotiating with the Taliban for permission.

As prices for this are currently rising quickly, we need a pot of money. We can pay for the flight from here through direct transfer. We are in contact with a travel agent, who is supporting us very well. The means that if we can collect the money it will go to a specific account from them and not to someone we don’t know.

2. We can raise money for a visa to Tajikistan or Uzbekistan (Pakistan and Iran are less possible for Ehsanullah). This requires a visa, which will also cost a lot of money. A return flight can also be booked from these countries.

The solidarity account for Ehsanullah and his family is as follows:

Nina Meems
IBAN: DE57 1001 0010 0580 8901 37
Betreff: Spende für Patenfamilie Ehsan

This appeal was sent to theleftberlin by Bilgisaray, a reliable partner and host of our monthly Küfas. Translation: Phil Butland. Please donate generously.