Sea-Eye Berlin

We save human lives


In the deadliest flight routes in the world we look for people in distress at sea and fight against the drowning. Our action is an answer to the failed migration politics of the European Union, which refuse their responsibility for the thousands of deaths in the Mediterranean.

Our group in Berlin wants to support Sea-Eye with all local forces. We try with different ways to make people aware of the subject see rescue, to inform them about the work of Sea-Eye and to collect donations.

At least once a month we organise a meeting in different location in order to talk about joint projects, coming meetings and to plan further actions. You can also get involved if you have a small time budget. We look forward to every new face.

You are also invited to our exhibition „Jedes Leben zählt – Zur Flucht über das Mittelmeer“ (every life counts – on flight across the Mediterranean). The photo exhibition looks at civil sea rescue in the Mediterranean and its importance. The pictures were taken during operations of the organisation Sea-Eye.

Since 2015, Sea-Eye has been active with boats in the Mediterranean, which have been funded by donations. They take people in distress at sea on board, to bring them to a safe European place. The operations of the organisation are carried out over several weeks on different levels, from Crew Training to waiting at safe harbours.

The exhibition shows the different areas of a Sea-Eye operation. The photos reflect the precarious situation of fleein people in the Mediterranean, and show the need for state sea rescue, safe flight routes and the stabilisation of the situation in the countries of origin.

For more information, you can visit our homepage or contact the Berlin group at