Saharauische Diaspora in Deutschland (Saharan Diaspora in Germany)

information and support for the cause of the Saharawi people


Western Sahara, considered the last colony in Africa, has been pending decolonization for more than 45 years. A large part of this territory is illegally occupied by Morocco, which commits continuous violations against the Saharawi population, exploits the natural resources of the territory and has built a 2,700 km wall to separate the Saharawi people.

6th November 2021 sees the 46th anniversary of the “Green March” which marks the beginning of the Moroccan invasion of Western Sahara. The Saharauische Diaspora in Deutschland, supported by the LINKE Berlin Internationals and others, is organising a public meeting and a demonstration to commemorate the Event.

On Thursday, 4th November, Nayat Handi, representative of Polisario in Germany and Ubbi Bachar, representative of Polisario for the EU will be addressing a meeting in Karl Liebknecht Haus: Western Sahara: A Forgotten Struggle. Among other things, they will talk about the process of decolonization, the exploitation of natural resources, the role of the European Union The meeting will be moderated by Emma Lehbib from the Deutsche Saharauische Diaspora.

On Saturday, 6th November, the actual anniversary, there will be a demonstration to remember the tragic fate of the Saharawi people and, more importantly, to make their voice for freedom and independence heard. This will start at 1pm at Brandenburger Tor and will march to the Reichstag, where there will be music, poems, stories and speeches.

With half of the population living in refugee camps and the other half under Moroccan occupation, the Saharawi people have been struggling for four decades for their right to exist on their legitimate land.

The Saharauische Diaspora in Deutschland links Western Saharans in Germany in their struggle for freedom for Western Sahara, Africa’s last colony. They can be contacted on facebook, Twitter and Instagram.