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Anticapitalist walking tours since 2009.


Revolutionary Berlin has been offering anticapitalist walking tours since 2009.

“Turning the May Day riots into a tourist attraction,” as the far-right tabloid BZ helpfully informed readers. The city’s revolutionary history is not limited to the Neighborhood Uprising of May 1, 1987. Karl Marx made his home here, as did Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht, and many other revolutionaries. The city was shaken by protests in 1848, 1918-19, 1968, 1989… Many of the buildings have been destroyed and even the streets have been rerouted, but this history can still be found everywhere.

Revolutionary Berlin is offering two tours in August 2022: –

  • This City Kills Fascists looks at the murder of Horst Wessel, a young Nazi leader from Friedrichshain who was shot one night in 1930. It’s a micro-study of life in a very red neighborhood. This tour is meeting on Monday, August 15, at 17:30 in front of Kino International (Karl-Marx-Allee 33).
  • (Anti)Colonialism looks at Berlin’s little-known history as a colonial metropolis, especially how it is reflected in street names today. This tour is meeting on Friday, August 19, at 17:30 in front of the Akademie Der Künste (Pariser Platz 4), next to Hotel Adlon, opposite the Brandenburg Gate.

Both tours last two hours and are donation-based. If you’re interested, sign up via e-mail at