Refugee Voices Tours

Experience Berlin from the perspective of people who living with refugee status


Refugee Voices was founded in October 2015 by activists and refugees who met on Oranienplatz and the Gerhard-Hauptmann-Schule, when both places were occupied by people trying to change the unfair situation for many people with refugee status in Europe.

The idea of our initiative is to give a voice to people who are often talked about in the media, but who are rarely given a chance to speak for themselves and explain their own stories. We aim to break down the stigma of the word ‘refugee’ by people who are themselves refugees speaking about their experiences, we hope this will open people’s eyes to the challenges that refugees face in Europe but most importantly we hope it will change people’s attitudes towards the current situation.

Our walking tours and workshops seek to inform the public about why so many people have been forced to flee their countries and seek refuge in Europe. We draw parallels between Europe’s own history of revolutions, wars and migration to create a relatable dialogue around what it means to be a refugee in 21st Century Europe and what issues lie at the heart of one of the most contentious topics of our time.

Since 2015 we have offered tours and workshops to thousands of people from all across the world, from all age groups and all walks of life. Our community of guides continues to grow across Europe and most recently we have made it possible for the public to attend our tours online.

On Saturday, 30th July, Refugee Voices is offering a new tour Afghanistan: caught between occupation and oppression, raising awareness of the situation Afghans are facing today and explaining this very complex history in a way that is both understandable and interactive.

The walking tour begins at the tourist information centre at the Brandenburg Gate and ends at Potsdamer Platz and will last around 2 hours. If you wish to attend the tour, please message us either via our FB page or send an email to to secure your spot!