Radio Berlin International #27 – Iris Hefets

Interview with Berlin-based Israeli activist


In this episode, we hear from Iris Hefets, a Jewish-Israeli woman and member of Jüdische Stimme who was detained by police for her one-woman protest on Berlin’s Hermannplatz demanding an end to the genocide in Gaza.

This week’s playlist is:

  • Im Nin’Alu – Ofra Haza
  • דקלה – בוחרת להיות (קליפ)
  • אתי אנקרי הציפור / מתוך האלבום “ים”
  • זהבה בן – חראם אחיבק – מתוך רוח מזרחית
  • A-WA – “Habib Galbi”

You can find out more about Jüdische Stimme here.

This episode is presented by and produced by Lily. The studio engineer is Tom Wills.

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