Radio Berlin International #21 – Nakba Demo Ban / Anti-War Protests / Earthquake in Turkey

Meet the people of Berlin fighting for a better world


In this episode, we hear from:

  • Isoof from the Jewish Bund Berlin, an activist who was hauled into
    court in Berlin this week on charges of taking part in a banned
    pro-Palestinian protest. He mentions, and
  • Christine Buchholz, a leading member of Die Linke, on the upcoming
    protests against the war in Ukraine.
  • Selo Uğuzeş, an artist, activist, and former political prisoner from
    Turkey on the earthquake and why government corruption and racism is behind the suffering. He recommends donating to: and

This week’s playlist is:

Daniel Kahn, Psoy Korolenko, Oy Division – Oy, Ir Narishe Tsienistn
Edwin Starr – War
Ara Dinkjian – Dialogue
Ramzan Güngör – Çiftetelli

This episode is presented by Tom Wills and produced by Phil Butland and
Srijon Sinha.

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