Queers Against Racism and Colonialism (QuARC)

Palestine is also a Queer Issue


QuARC (Berlin Queers Against Racism and Colonialism) is an umbrella group for queers* committed to anti-racist and anti-colonial politics. The group grew out of the “Queers for Palestine” bloc, which was a spontaneous reaction and protest of queer communities in Berlin in 2019,against a ban on any demonstration of Palestine solidarity at a so-called “Radical Queer March”. Ironically, the organisers of the march were so upset by our Palestine solidarity, that they ended up calling the police on our bloc. The situation was so absurd, it showed us all why there is such an urgent need to begin a different type of organising in Berlin.

QuARC formed and continues to organise out of a need for a more representative, internationalist politics among the queer left in Berlin. A politics that represents an understanding of how structures of racism, colonialism, patriarchy and capitalism intersect and why solidarity with anti-colonial struggle the world over, is in our view, a crucial foundation of any effective organising especially within our queer communities.

This year QuARC and friends are organising an Internationalist Queer Pride for Liberation, under the banner “none of us are free, until we are all free” which will bring together Berlin’s radical queer, anti-colonial and anti-racist communities. The march will take place on 24 July – the same day as the mainstream CSD pride parade in central Berlin – and will wind through Neukölln and Kreuzberg featuring stops with speeches at different points and marking historical moments, milestones and movements that speak to a wider queer experiences than the Pink-washed, corporate, mainstream CSD event. From racial profiling and gentrification to police brutality and white supremacy – these are examples of the struggles that for us represent the true spirit of pride.

It goes without saying that the march will have no corporate sponsorship—that’s why we are asking people to join us on Saturday 3 July at Marielle-Franco-Platz — to eat, drink, dance and raise money for our march. Beyond this, if you would like more info or want to get involved, please write to quarc-berlin@riseup.net

We look forward to seeing you there!