Queer Trans Mutual Aid Berlin

Mutual aid by and for Berlin’s trans and queer community


Queer Trans Mutual Aid Berlin (QTMAB) is a left wing project from Berlin. We were formed in the tradition of the Black Panther Party and various Jewish mutual aid networks. We support Trans* Inter* and non-binary people in Berlin with self-defence, fundraising, help and questions around medical transition, gender affirming clothing, cooking, translation, bureaucracy, looking after pets and children, accompanying people to government buildings or shopping, and much more. We prioritise Black and Jewish people, and People of Colour. We are always looking for volunteers and welcome donations.

Our next campaign requires an explanation of our community “Tzedaka” box. Tzedaka comes from the Hebrew root meaning “justice” or “righteousness.” A Tzedakah box is a container put into Jewish spaces where people donate money after praying, learning, or hanging out. Some people also choose to donate a percentage of their income every month. This money is not given back to the Jewish institutions/houses of worship (like as is common in the Christian tradition) but instead it is redistributed to the community members in need, or given to nonprofits of the collective’s choosing.Tzedakah is an obligation to one’s community, not a choice. Tzedakah can also be done through sharing material goods and services such as cooking or driving or shopping. 

Queer Trans Mutual Aid Berlin was started based off of the Jewish Principal of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world. Together as a community, we can come together to do our part by practicing being in good relationship with each other. One of the ways to do this is by participating in Tzedaka. We have a patreon where people can donate a percentage of their incomes, and now we are creating an online Tzedaka box for the Queer Trans Berlin Community. 

How it works

What it is for? These funds are to be used for Transgender people based in Berlin who need some help affording basic necessities. Priority will go to Community members affected by Racism, Colonization, Antisemitism, and/or Ableism.

We will give out the same amount of small (5-30 euro) grants that we receive. If we get 25 euros, we will give 25 euros. The goal is to always have a pool of money like this to give away, constantly refilling itself before it is completely empty. You can help make that happen by donating generously and often to our PayPal

You can find out more information about QTMAB from our Instagram account, our Iniradar page and our linktree.