We still Need to Talk

Stop censorship of Culture in Germany. Protest on Friday, 10th November.


Join us to loudly protest the ongoing erosion of the German public sphere. In recent years, there has been a narrowing of space for cultural events in Germany. It has become increasingly hard for certain voices to be heard, for certain events to take place. Symposia, public talks and academic events have been cancelled. Concerts and performances have been shut down. Theatre pieces have been disallowed. Book prizes have remained ungiven. Invitations to artists, cultural workers and intellectuals have been withdrawn.

Our cultural events are frequently cancelled because their content is ‘too sensitive,’ because ‘it is not the right time’ for us to come together to talk, to debate, to share ideas, to perform, to write, to sing, to exhibit, to protest, to mourn. Our events are cancelled ‘for the sake of our own safety,’ we are often told. All the while, neo-Nazis and ethnonationalists continue to march the streets of Germany under police protection, and support for the AfD continues to grow. How is it possible that our voices—as cultural workers—are deemed more dangerous to German society than those of white supremacists and far right movements?

Silencing voices that are inconvenient or uncomfortable is a feature of authoritarian regimes, as is the stigmatising and side-lining of progressive intellectuals and artists. A healthy democracy must allow for the inclusion and participation of a broad range of voices, including voices that are critical of mainstream narratives.

This protest will be led by a coalition of leftist Jews and/or Israelis who work in the realm of culture. We invite allies of all descriptions to join us in protest. We are tired of being silenced in the country that murdered our ancestors. We refuse to remain silent as peaceful Jewish and Palestinian voices are stigmatised and censored.

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Berlin, Friday 10 November, 17h00-19h00

Exact location to be confirmed soon. Watch this space for more info. Please leave all national flags at home. Our protest signs will include: