Pride Art

Art in a time of war


5 years ago Lars Deike founded prideART in his studio on Wiesenweg near Ostkreuz. Many group exhibitions followed, partly in my showroom in the Brezel in Schöneberg, partly in the factory hall of the prideART Ateliers and the Trabi workshops in Friedrichshain. In 2022 we founded a non-profit art association, prideART Berlin e.V. Today, with A. David Holloway, Markus Hoffmann-Achenbach and Michael Smejkal at the helm prideART occupies a wing of The Knast a former women’s prison in Berlin-Lichterfelde. 

Membership to prideART Berlin e.V. Is open to LGBTQ+ artists from all disciplines and we encourage all interested parties to contact us for more information. 

After a year of prideART e. V. this Friday we have one of our largest exhibitions, the Friedens Ausstellung/Pride Art Peace Exhibition VERNISSAGE, with over 45 artists.  

24th of February to commemorate a year of the war in Ukraine at 19:00 we open our first exhibition of 2023. Entry is free, 18+ unless with parental supervision. We are unfortunately at the moment not wheelchair accessible. 

Söhtstrasse 7, 12203, Berlin-Lichterfelde

@prideart_berlin (Insta)