Palästina Spricht

Providing a voice to Palestinians in Germany


Palästina Spricht (Palestine Speaks) is a political, democratic, feminist, non-religious and anti-racist grassroots movement, founded in Berlin in 2019 by German-Palestinians for Palestinians worldwide. We want to work for the rights of the Palestinians and against racism, among others we see our organization, as a mouthpiece to change the German discourse on Palestine and thus possibly provide support for Palestine.

Our most important goals are:

  • Providing a collective voice for Palestinians in Germany

  • Supporting the Palestinian people on their way towards their right for self-determination

  • Ending Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine and their apartheid system

  • Finally validating all human rights for all Palestinians

We strive to make the Palestinian voice audible and discernible in German society and politics. Only so can we achieve an integrated recognition of the oppression and discrimination of the Palestinian people in Germany. With our joint platform, we want to promote civil action in order to visibly improve. the conditions of the Palestinian people.