Palästina Solidarität Archiv

Palestine Solidarity Archives


Since January 2024, Palästina Solidarität Archiv has been documenting repression by German authorities.

The archive includes nearly 40 hours of testimony with activists, hundreds of videos of demonstrations, dozens of police letters, sharepics, physical materials and more. It will be publicly available, including a website using archival software

The project was initiated by a residency of the Palästina Kampagne at AGIT, a space for artistic and archival projects. It has now grown into an independent project with continued support from AGIT, as well as various activist and community groups and aims to document the repression and resistance within the Palestine-Solidarity movement in Berlin.

In response to the escalating repression in Berlin, Palästina Solidarität Archiv seeks to make a wide array of vital materials about the actual situation and experiences of Palestinians and their allies available. These materials are thoroughly indexed, allowing journalists, activists and researchers to parse them with relative ease.