Oficina Precaria

Online and face-to-face consultations, mutual support and self-organization of the Spanish-speaking population


Oficina Precaria Berlin is a self-organized group in which we work in an assembly-based, horizontal and independent way. The group is open and heterogeneous, and anyone who shares this way of working is welcome.


Our main objective is to provide tools to the migrant population of Berlin, especially to the Spanish-speaking, through the knowledge of their rights and duties in the German state. That is to say, to empower people to be able to solve the problems that arise during their stay in this country and also to support the people around them.

Moreover, the way of doing it (assembly, horizontal, self-managed) is an objective in itself. We want to show that people can take the initiative independently and autonomously and achieve the goals they set for themselves: we care about what we do, but also how we do it.

The creation of Oficina Precaria Berlin has to do with collectively addressing a shared problem: it expresses the attempt to get out of a “state of powerlessness” in order to “empower ourselves”.

Soli Party

Next 25.09. we will celebrate a solidarity party to raise funds for the combative drums-band Rhythms of Resistance:

  • Saturday 25.09., from 4 p.m. until at least 2 a.m.
  • On the Rote Insel (Mansteinstr. 10, 10783)

Programme: in preparation, will include some workshops, some theatre, some music, etc.

Menu: vegan hamburgers and fries

Price: voluntary donation

COVID-19: the party will be in the open air with a bonfire. Please bring a recent test or vaccination/recovery certificate.

If we have ever supported you and you didn’t know how to return the favour, now you can do it by coming to our party and inviting your people. We will have a great time 😀

Facebook event