No Border Assembly

Meeting space to organise resistance against borders


Who are we?

Since 2020, the No Border Assembly is a Berlin-based weekly meeting-space to organize resistance against borders and deportations. We stand for the following:

  • We believe in total freedom of movement & the right to stay for all: no borders, no deportations!

  • We are convinced of the power of non-state, leaderless movements, collective organizing and practical mutual solidarity.

  • The fight against borders and deportations is linked to fights against any form of oppression (sexism, ableism etc.), the fight against racism, neo-colonialism and capitalism.

What do we do?

Currently, No Border Assembly has some ongoing projects, but it is a space open to any initiative for resistance against borders and deportations, including regular demo’s and actions. Current projects include:

  • we manage the Deportation Alarm, where we publish warnings about upcoming charter-deportations, so there are more possibilities to hide and resist. Also, we keep track of which charter-deportations happened, from which airport and with which airline company.

  • we organise the campaign #Abschiebefrei, which targets Lufthansa as Germany’s biggest deportation profiteer. Most deportations from Germany happen on Lufthansa’s planes and so far we held 2 online social media storms to confront Lufthansa and shame them into stopping collaborating with deportations.

  • we visit Lagers and accommodations where people are resisting their deportations: we have collected different tactics people are using and share them in an info-flyer: Resistance against Deportations

  • we promote Soli-Asyl: the practice of opening up rooms so people can hide from deportation.

  • we organise Anti-Deportation Café: a regular Küfa that aims to be a meeting space and a possibility to gather donations in people’s struggle against deportation.

How to take part

This is an open assembly. Anyone who would like to organise against borders and deportations and can live with what we stand for, is welcome to join our assembly.