News from Berlin and Germany: 5th June 2021

Weekly news roundup from Berlin and Germany


Compiled by Ana Ferreira



Demonstration for cyclists’ rights

The Berlin branch of the Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club (ADFC) has called for a rally next Sunday. The aim is to demonstrate for a quick traffic turnaround in which the concerns of cyclists are given more attention. A total of 16 routes are planned across all districts, all with the Große Stern in Mitte as their destination. Afterwards, there will be a joint ride to the Brandenburg Gate, where a final rally will take place. For some of the routes, the city motorway 100 as well as the Avus stretch on the A115 will be closed in the meantime. Source: rbb


Collaboration between CDU and AfD

The election of Max Otte as chairman of the CDU-affiliated Werteunion has met strong criticism in many quarters. In the past, Otte drew attention to himself with AfD-friendly statements. In 2017, for example, he announced in an interview he intended to vote for the AfD in that year’s Bundestag elections. But it is not only the election of Max Otte as the new Werteunion chairman that is causing a stir regarding the relationship between the CDU and the AfD. In the run-up to the election in Saxony-Anhalt, where the AfD could replace the CDU as the strongest force, the local CDU’s dealings with the AfD are under criticism. Source: fr

Solidarity with the junge Welt

The orders in the last three weeks have shown it: around 400 people have recognised the scandalous process and supported junge Welt quite practically with a subscription. One would like to think that German media would be just as prudent and recognise the harassment of the daily newspaper junge Welt as a possible gateway for tighter control of all media in this country. Many vehicles of the international media showed support to jW. For no one knows who will be harassed tomorrow by the German domestic secret service because of a disagreeable attitude in reporting. Source: jW

Teachers give out books containing racist language

The short story “A Beautiful Relationship” was given to a pupil in a German school. The story is from the 1980s, and contains the N-word. The pupil confronted the teacher about the text: “It’s 2021 now, why can’t school texts just use the politically correct term for Black people?”. There was nothing she could do about it and it was not her responsibility, replied the teacher. The choice of words in the assignment is not the only thing the pupil finds problematic, however. “I would have preferred my teacher to take me seriously and acknowledge that the text is hurtful to me.” Source; taz

German cities are too dirty

The EU Commission sued Germany because the annual and hourly limits for nitrogen dioxide have been exceeded in numerous areas since 2010. Germany is thus systematically violating the EU Air Quality Directive. However, air quality in German cities has improved recently, partly because of the Corona crisis. Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) already stated the judgement from Luxembourg had “fundamental and far-reaching significance in the fight for clean air”. However, the association regretted the ruling came more than ten years after the limit values came into force. Since 2011, DUH has pushed through measures such as improvement of public transport, as well as speed limits of 30 km/h. Source: taz

Climate movement mobilises against motorways

The protest about the construction of the A14 is flaring up again. The climate movement plans to demonstrate in Wittenberge on Saturday. Activists want to travel to the bridge by boat or bicycle and there will be a demonstration from the train station in Wittenberge. For a long time, it was quiet about the A14, but after the BUND regional associations of Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt agreed to a settlement in 2019 and stopped further lawsuits, the motorway construction is considered to have been pushed through and the alternative concept – an expansion of the existing federal roads instead of building a new motorway route – to have failed politically. Source: taz

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