News from Berlin and Germany: 29th May 2021

Weekly news roundup from Berlin and Germany


Compiled by Ana Ferreira



Masked refuser stabs supermarket security guard

An unknown man attacked and injured a security guard at a supermarket in Baumschulenweg on Wednesday afternoon. According to the police, the 27-year-old security guard had pointed out to the unknown man at the entrance of the supermarket in Kiefholzstraße that masks were compulsory. However, the man refused to put on a mask and insulted the security guard several times in a racist manner. The suspect then abruptly hit the 27-year-old in the face with his fist and stabbed him several times with an unknown stabbing tool. The security guard called the police and the fire brigade. Source: Berliner Zeitung


AfD names their election candidates

The AfD is entering the Bundestag election campaign with parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel and party leader Tino Chrupalla as top candidates. Weidel and Chrupalla are both considered opponents of co-party leader Jörg Meuthen, who recently tried to slightly distance the party from the far right. They also are clearly better known, have more experience and are also supported by the eastern associations. In their candidacy, Weidel and Chrupalla denied both that there were camps in the AfD and that as top candidates, they would further encourage a split within the party. Source: taz

Millions forced to take more than one job

The findings are clear: the number of employees with two or more jobs has risen by around 700,000 to about 3.5 million since 2013. And 91 per cent of the newly added multiple employees have had to take on at least one side job in addition to their main job because of tight household budgets. These are the results of a study published on Tuesday by the Cologne Institute of the German Economy (IW). The number of so-called hybrid employees, who are self-employed alongside their main source of income, has also risen by 13 per cent since 2013 to around 690,000 in 2019. Source: jW

Muslims blamed for rising antisemitism

Some high-ranking politicians claim that antisemitism was “introduced” into Germany by Muslims. CDU leader Armin Laschet spoke for instance of “immigrant antisemitism”. These politicians’ quotes were uncritically reproduced in many media. But the Shoah gives rise to the mandate to uncompromisingly fight hatred of Jews in this country. That means taking immediate action against any antisemitism, no matter who it comes from, with the full force of the law. The fact that many Jews do not feel safe in Germany today must be addressed and stopped immediately. Antisemitism, also from the Muslim side, is not tolerable. Source: nd

Could the Greens and the Left govern together?

The outcome of the Bundestag elections in autumn is quite open. However, a few things can be said. For example, it is almost impossible that the Greens will again become the smallest opposition party in the parliament in Berlin. At the moment, they are challenging the CDU/CSU. It is also unlikely they will end up in the opposition again. Therefore, the role of the smallest opposition party could fall to the Left. Unlike the Greens, who started their election campaign on a high of 8.9 per cent, the Left is in a poorer position. Would they be currently successful in an alliance? Source: faz

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