News from Berlin and Germany: 20 March 2021

Weekly news roundup from Berlin and Germany


Compiled by Ana Ferreira



Director of Volksbühne resigns after accusations of sexist harassment

On Saturday, the taz published a detailed article about the Volksbühne, in which female theatre employees accused artistic director Klaus Dörr of repeated assaultive behaviour. On Monday afternoon he resigned, with immediate effect and in agreement with cultural senator Klaus Lederer. Since the beginning of the year, there had been confidential discussions with the women and also with Dörr in the cultural administration. Ten female Volksbühne employees had previously filed a complaint with Themis, the office of trust against sexual harassment and violence. The Volksbühne case was discussed at length in the cultural committee on Monday. Source: tagesspiegel

Police report criticized for structural racism

On the international day against police violence, when numerous initiatives in Berlin criticise racist police controls, the Berlin State Office of Criminal Investigation published the “Situation Report Clan Crime 2020”. What does one have to do with the other? Civil society initiatives as well as the Left Party have been criticising police actions against alleged “clan criminals” as structurally racist for a long time. The document reports 1091 criminal charges and 5631 administrative offences. How the police arrive at this assessment is unclear. Besides, to speak here of “ethnically isolated structures of Arab origin” is for the initiative an “ethnicisation of crime”. Source: nd


Transport companies ban junge Welt posters

The spring campaign under the motto “Who is afraid of whom?” has invested more than 100,000 euros in advertising so for. Despite this, more and more obstacles were put in the way of junge Welt. The BVG in Berlin plus transport companies in Hamburg, Cologne and Leipzig refused to put up jW posters about this campaign. The reason given in those cities was usually the same: “Both client and motif do not correspond to our political neutrality.” So far, nothing has been heard of other daily newspapers being affected by such boycott measures. Source: jW

Court process against refugee

Judge Andreas Welzenbacher would have already pronounced the verdict on Tuesday. But in the case against the refugee Lazare M. the public prosecutor wanted some time to think about this case. Lazare M., who fled to Germany from Cameroon, refused to leave the counter room at the office in Dedersdorf on last November 4 2020, until he was paid the 310 euros he was entitled to for one month. However, because he did not show up for a scheduled appointment, he was supposed to receive only 103 euros. There, he was handcuffed by private security guard and stabbed with a pen. Source: nd

CSU politician allegedly collected one million euros in mask deals

There is a lot of money in the Sauter case, which further incriminates the CSU in the affair about the procurement of Corona protective masks. As if everything were not bad enough for the CSU. First there was the Swabian member of the Bundestag Georg Nüßlein, who brokered protective masks to several ministries in the federal government and in Bavaria and allegedly received a commission of 660,000 euros for this. Now, the Munich Public Prosecutor General’s Office has extended its investigations to five accused, including Alfred Sauter, on the grounds of initial suspicion of bribery and corruption of elected officials. Source: süddeutsche

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