News from Berlin and Germany, 19th November 2021

Weekly news roundup from Berlin and Germany



2G in Berlin: the new rules

Berlin has expanded its 2G regulations from last Monday on. Basically, it is mandatory at restaurants, theatres, and museums. It is also obligatory at hairdressers, gyms, establishments offering sexual services, and outdoor events with more than 2,000 attendees, among others. Exemptions are for instance hotels, hostels and church services. On public transport, this rule does not apply, either, although passengers must continue to wear a mask. There is no mandatory requirement for home office yet, but further restrictions are likely to happen soon. And Berliners are again entitled to at least one free Covid-19 rapid test per week. Source: ExBerliner

Taxi driver beaten up with baton – neo-Nazi Tilo P. in custody

Because he allegedly seriously injured a taxi driver with a migration background, neo-Nazi and ex-AfD politician Tilo P. (38) is once again in custody. The incident happened on 3 November at around 7.30 pm on Göttingerstr. Apparently, it was initially triggered by a traffic offence. The taxi driver then tried to file a complaint at police station 42, but to no avail. It is not yet clear why this failed. The victim was hit on the head with a baton. The attacker fled, but the injured man was able to remember the registration number and the police identified Tilo P. as the vehicle´s owner. Source: bz

Gorillas loses court case against works council

Kağan Sümer, the founder of the delivery service Gorillas, went to the Berlin labour court to prevent the establishment of a works council in his shop. But the judges did not rule in his favour: the champagne corks can now be popping for his employees who have been fighting for a long time against the fact that start-ups like Gorillas are union- and co-determination-free zones of intensified exploitation. The judgement of the Berlin Labour Court proves one can also count on having the law on his side. Often enough it is not the employees who break the rules, but capital. Source: nd

Special Left Party conference to discuss leaving Coalition

The Berlin Left Party´s participation in the government is being discussed. “The exploratory paper between SPD, Greens and Die Linke has caused resentment among many members. Especially about urban development, there is a threat of a roll-back,” said Moritz Wittler, a Neukölln member. Wittler and other comrades-in-arms are calling for the “immediate” convening of an extraordinary state party conference to assess the results of the coalition negotiations, before the membership referendum. The quorum of 25 per cent of delegates required by the statutes to call such an extraordinary meeting has been exceeded, with at least 47 delegates signing the petition. 44 supporters would have been necessary. Source: nd



CDU candidate suspected of terrorism

A CDU local election candidate is alleged to have planned a right-wing extremist attack. Marvin E., from Spangenberg and former local election candidate of the CDU, who is now being accused of right-wing terrorism, was arrested. According to the public prosecutor’s offices in Kassel and Frankfurt am Main, the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution became aware of chats at the end of August, in which E. inquired about weapons and the production of the same by means of 3D printing. Right-wing extremist phrases are also said to have been used. The opposition in the state parliament sees an urgent need for clarification of such situation. Source: taz

Spahn pleads for rapid booster vaccination

All people over the age of 18 should be given a booster vaccination against the coronavirus. This also applies if the last vaccination was not yet six months ago, said the Federal Health Minister. In view of the sharply rising infection figures, calls for faster booster vaccinations have been heard in recent days. So far, about four million people have received such a vaccination, according to the latest figures from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Regarding to the debate on booster vaccinations, the Association of Towns and Municipalities stressed that a short-term reactivation of the Corona vaccination centres is unrealistic at the moment. Source: dw

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