News from Berlin and Germany: 19th June 2021

Weekly news roundup from Berlin and Germany


Compiled by Ana Ferreira



Court case about racism in Aldi and use of the N* word

An Aldi branch manager was dismissed for pushing a German-Ghanaian man out the door in April. Prince Ofori (member of an artist collective) felt insulted by a customer who allegedly held a packet of “chocolate kisses” in his hands. The customer then allegedly turned towards the dark-skinned Prince Ofori and said, “Today, let’s treat ourselves to a pack of n… kisses!” And Prince Ofori filmed that. After he uploaded the video to Youtube, it was clicked four million times within hours! In the video, he was not wearing the mandatory FFP-2 mask at the moment of the recording. Source: bz

Berlin police clash with squatters and their supporters

Police and firefighters in Berlin were caught in a street battle last Wednesday. The explanation for this has with the apartment complex located at Rigaer Strasse 94 to do. On Tuesday, the Berlin Administrative Court rejected a last-minute attempt to block a Thursday fire safety inspection of the building complex. The authorities then claimed that the situation inside the buildings posed an urgent danger to public safety and order. The complex comprises three houses. Ahead of the inspection, police arrived Wednesday morning with tactical vehicles and a water cannon. Police declared the zone restricted for vehicle parking until Friday evening and banned demonstrations in the area. Source: dw


No exit for peace activists

Politicians and activists from Germany wanted to travel from Düsseldorf to the Kurdish autonomous regions in Iraq on Saturday. One of their goals: to mediate between the Kurdish autonomous government in Erbil and the PKK. But the peace delegation’s journey ended in a windowless corridor at Düsseldorf airport. Upon arrival at the airport, Cansu Özdemir, leader of the Left Party (“die Linke”) in Hamburg, noticed a “very conspicuous” man. He walked around the meeting delegation, photographed them and followed them. Özdemir suspects the man works for the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Source: nd

AfD representatives possibly threatened with expulsion

Three leading AfD representatives in Lower Saxony are facing expulsion from the party following reports of a revival of the “wing”, which is classified as right-wing extremist by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. According to information from participant circles, the party executive of the AfD has spoken out in favour of applying for the expulsion of the three from the party. AfD leader Jörg Meuthen said on last Friday before a meeting of the party leadership in Berlin: “As far as there is an attempt to build parallel structures, that is definitely unacceptable and damaging to the party.” Source: süddeutsche

Wimp hats must pay

The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution must pay Christiane Meusel 10,000 euros in damages. The lawyer won a bullying lawsuit against her ex-employer. Among other things, she worked in the reporting and public relations unit from 2013 to 2019. Her tasks at times included monitoring Islamist propaganda on social networks. But soon most of her tasks were taken away and she was advised by the therapist to change jobs for health reasons. Meusel’s claim for compensation for pain and suffering was rejected at first instance. She currently works in Berlin as a lawyer specialising in labour law and mobbing cases. Source: nd

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