News from Berlin and Germany: 15th May 2021

Weekly news roundup from Berlin and Germany


Compiled by Ana Ferreira



Bavaria and Berlin easie Covid rules for vaccinated people

Bavaria and Berlin have announced they are lifting some Covid restrictions for fully vaccinated people – ahead of the federal government’s schedule. It came after the government held a summit on vaccination and its rights. Meanwhile, people in Berlin with Corona-immunity also no longer have to go into quarantine if they come into contact with a Covid-infected person. From now on they only have to self-isolate if they show symptoms after contact. Other federal states (such as Lower Saxony, Thuringia and Hesse) are introducing similar rules on vaccination rights, too. Source: thelocal


Soldier claims Hitler salute was inspired by hip hop

At a troop party, a soldier gave the Hitler salute on the dance floor. The soldier denied this and explained it with his affinity to hip-hop. The Federal Administrative Court did not want to accept this. It has decided for the reduction of a soldier’s pay by one-twentieth for a period of twelve months and affirmed the soldier intentionally violated his duty to “stand up for the observance of the free democratic basic order through his entire conduct”. According to a witness, the regular soldier, a midshipman, took up the basic position on the dance floor at a party and clearly showed the Hitler salute at least once. Source: spiegel

Greens insist that die LINKE support NATO

No one has been elected yet, but “die Linke” has already turned down “die Grünen” as far as the conditions for a possible left-wing alliance are concerned: there will be no commitment to Nato, according to party leader Janine Wissler, recalling that the Greens were founded as a peace party. Nato, however, represents a “war alliance”. Robert Habeck, from “die Grünen”, has already said the Left Party would have to prove to a “that it is capable of governing and willing to take responsibility for this country”. This includes foreign policy responsibility and a commitment to Nato. Source: spiegel

Green mayor calls black footballer racist while using N-word

A Facebook comment by the mayor of Tübingen, Boris Palmer (Grüne), is causing sharp criticism, and the politician could now even face expulsion from his party. On Thursday evening, Palmer wrote on his Facebook page about the ex-national football player Dennis Aogo: “Aogo is a bad racist. Offered women his ns**.” This quote is based on a screenshot that suggests that social media user accused ex-footballer Aogo of harassing a girlfriend many years ago by saying she could have his “big n*** cock”. There is no evidence for Aogo’s alleged statement. Source: welt

Left accuses CSU of “clan criminality” in mask procurement

More than €30 million are said to have flowed to the daughter of former CSU secretary-general Gerold Tandler alone in dubious mask deals. “Die Linke” demands repayment of the sum. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) also had personal contact with Tandler during negotiations on mask supplies. The Federal Ministry of Health alone bought masks from Emix for 712.5 million euros at unit prices of up to 9.90 euros. Left-wing politician Fabio De Masi demanded that CDU leader Armin Laschet and CSU leader Markus Söder should put pressure on Tandler to donate the commissions in full to the federal budget. Source: spiegel

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