News from Berlin and Germany, 15th December 2022

Weekly news roundup from Berlin and Germany



Berlin judge and former AfD MP resigned from civil court after arrest

Among the suspects arrested in the nationwide raid against the far-right “Reichsbürgerszene” (Reich citizen movement) is Berlin judge and former AfD member of parliament Birgit Malsack-Winkemann. Due to her arrest, Malsack-Winkemann is for the time being no longer performing her duties of the Berlin Regional Court. According to a spokesperson the Judge resigned on Wednesday from Civil Chamber 19a, which is responsible for construction affairs. AfD leadership has said it knew nothing about the alleged activities of former Bundestag member in the so-called `Reichsbürgermilieu’. Source: tagesspiegel

Expropriation of real estate corporations in Berlin possible says expert commission

The expert commission for the implementation of the referendum “Expropriate Deutsche Wohnen und Co” (DWenteignen) considers the expropriation of large real estate companies to be possible. This is the conclusion of the “interim report” produced by the commission, which was set up in April. The 13 members of the committee have said the proposed law is financially feasible and the state would have the ability to implement it. In addition to the legal feasibility, the interim report also deals with the question of financial compensation for the real estate groups potentially affected. Source: tagesspiel

“Reich citizens” in Brandenburg and Berlin

In Brandenburg and Berlin the Reich citizen movement gained new followers during the Corona pandemic. Police and constitutional protection authorities estimate a total of 1,300 “Reichsbürger” and self-governors live in the region. The danger posed by this radicalised movement and its affinity for weapons had been known for a long time and had been pointed out again and again, said Berlin Senator of the Interior Iris Spranger (SPD) in the Interior Committee on last Monday. Spranger also named a whole series of groups that belong to the movement such as “”, “Gelbe Westen Berlin”, “Verfassungsgebende Versammlung” and “Vaterländischer Hilfsdienst”. Source: rbb



Fired because of Palestine trip

The media and political hunt against public figures in Germany who stand up for Palestinian rights has claimed a new victim. The former presenter of the children’s channel (KiKa), Matondo Castlo, announced the channel has decided to no longer work with him. “So I’m out” wrote Castlo on Instagram. Since 2021, the actor and social pedagogue has entertained viewers of the channel for children and young people operated by ARD and ZDF. The 29-year-old’s “undoing” was his participation in a youth festival organised by the left-wing Palestinian People’s Party in the village of Farkha near Nablus on the West Bank in July this year. Source: jW

Who might benefit from simpler naturalisation

Compared to other European countries, Germany lags behind in naturalisation. With the proposed reform, Syrians and Turkish people living here could apply for German passports. Up to now, conditions such as having lived in the country for eight years, and being financially self-supporting, among others, are necessary for naturalisation. Also, as a rule, new Germans must renounce their previous citizenship. But the country is reconsidering some requirements, such as the latter. In particular, it means it would be possible for migrants of Turkish origin, who make up the largest share of the German population with a migration background, to obtain dual citizenship. Source: dw

Xenophobic attack in Karlsruhe

An unknown man assaulted a 14-year-old with a knife in Karlsruhe in a xenophobic attack last Saturday. According to police, the youth left a shopping mall area near Marktplatz in Karlsruhe with others at around 6.10 pm. An unknown man then approached them, threatening and xenophobically harassing them. The suspect was holding a knife and stabbed the 14-year-old with it. Afterwards, the unknown man insulted and threatened other passers-by on Karl-Friedrich-Straße. The perpetrator was able to flee. The youths informed the police, who are now looking for witnesses. Source: bnn

Letter from a “Last Generation” activist

Activist Miriam Meyer, who is currently sitting in cell 105 in Stadelheim Prison, has written an open letter to us “on the outside”, sharing with us her motivations and beliefs related to the movement. She speaks emotively of “Helplessness and a plan that could work, a lot of desperation and a little hope, an orange high-visibility waistcoat and a few tubes of superglue”. She also criticises the Germany Government: “Chancellor Scholz is currently telling the climate conference what Germany is doing for the climate while at the same time building new fossil fuel infrastructure”. For her, it is imperative to stand against this. In her words, “Not resisting is the worse alternative!” Source: letztegeneration


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