News from Berlin and Germany, 14th June 2023

Weekly news round-up from Berlin and Germany



Policeman allegedly drugged female colleague and offered her for rape

A Berlin police officer is being investigated for a serious sexual offence. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the officer is suspected of having drugged a female colleague with knockout drops and then offering her for rape on a dating platform. The 36-year-old is no longer on duty, according to the Berlin public prosecutor’s office. He is being investigated for rape of persons incapable of resistance. Disciplinary action has already been taken against the officer, the police added. Also, according to “Bild” and “Tagesspiegel”, the 36-year-old worked for the Mobile Task Force (MEK). This special unit is used, for example, in cases of kidnapping, blackmail or organised crime. Source: rbb

Water rationing in Berlin a possibility

Due to the ongoing drought, Berlin’s Senator for the Environment, Manja Schreiner (CDU), has said that water rationing is a possibility and wants to work out a plan. The water companies, on the other hand, currently see no need for rationing. In recent years, there has always been too little rain in Berlin and the surrounding area. To be able to produce enough clean drinking water and to have enough water in the shipping lanes all year round despite the decreasing rainfall, a ‘master plan’ for water was adopted last year. In Brandenburg, water rationing already happened in the past. In Panketal near Bernau, for example, there were hose pipe bans for domestic gardens. Source: rbb


Every third young man finds violence against women acceptable

Violence in the partnership, excessive alcohol consumption, reservations about homosexuals: a new representative study shows that a large part of men between the ages of 18 and 35 adhere to what the authors call a partly problematic “traditional understanding of roles”. The author of the study “Spannungsfeld Männlichkeit” is the children’s aid organisation Plan International Germany. According to the study, 33 percent of the men between the ages above mentioned said they found it “acceptable” if they or other men occasionally “let their hand slip” in an argument with their partner. Source: Zeit

Rammstein frontman sexual abuse allegations

A fortnight ago, Shelby Lynn from Ireland shared on social media that she had been invited backstage after the Rammstein concert in Vilnius and given a drink. After she refused to have sex with frontman Till Lindemann, he allegedly reacted harshly. She posted a picture of her body, showing bruises with no recollection of how they came about. She believes the drink was drugged. This has triggered more and more women to come forward, painting a picture of the systematic abuse of women. After this, that the concerts are taking place at all is an indictment. It shows that no-one is willing to take responsibility. Source: taz

The Nabka (non)exhibition

An exhibition on the Nakba, put together by Flüchtlingskinder im Libanon e. V. (Refugee Children in the Lebanon) and funded by the Development organisations of the Church and the Baden-Württemberg state, has been banned from being shown at the ‘Kirchentag’ (Day of the Church) currently underway in Nuremberg. Despite being praised by both scientests and experts. The organisers were permitted to set up their stand in the “Market of possibilities” section of the congress under the express condition that the exhibition was not shown. This happens while the organisers claim that Kirchentag should be a space for discussion.  Source: taz

Triumph of the semi-fascists in Thuringia

It almost happened in the Thuringian district of Sonneberg last Sunday: the AfD candidate for the post of district administrator missed the absolute majority by just 3.3 percentage points. This time, the alliance of the other parties calling for a vote in favour of the CDU candidate may once again help him to victory, although that remains uncertain. And even so, it may well lead to, in the foreseeable future, a right-wing populists winning a mayoral or district council post. The voters themselves are primarily responsible for this. Nevertheless, the other parties share responsibility, considering reactionary rhetoric and topics such as how the asylum policy is being dealt with, or even inner conflicts. Source: nd-aktuell

Accusations against the Saxon justice system

“We are shocked and stunned at how carelessly a human life is being treated here”. So reads a statement by friends of an imprisoned anti-fascist. The imprisoned man, who suffers from epilepsy and a dissociative disorder and therefore needs specific medication, had his treatment in Leipzig Prison changed by a doctor, who “arbitrarily changed the medication, completely without reason and without knowledge of his illness”. The result: a severe seizure and admission to a clinic in Borna where he then had to be intubated. Twenty-four hours later he was back in prison where his medication was changed once again. Source: nd-aktuell


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