News from Berlin and Germany, 11th August 2022

Weekly news round-up from Berlin and Germany



Police want to keep search warrant secret

In October 2021, the Berlin police raided the partially occupied house “Rigaer 94” in Berlin-Friedrichshain with more than 300 officers. The officers broke into flats and took the personal details of 26 people who were staying in the building. However, the Berlin police do not want to make public any documents on the high-profile operation. A FragDenStaat user has asked the Berlin police to send him the search warrant for “Rigaer 94”, citing the Berlin Freedom of Information Act (IFG). The Berlin police rejected the IFG application, alleging initially it was not the police who has jurisdiction over the document, but a court. Source: fragdenstaat

Helicopters extinguish fire in Grünewald

Helicopters of the Federal Police were deployed to cool the still hot blasting site in Berlin’s Grunewald with water from the air. The two helicopters requested by the fire brigade were on the move “basically every five minutes” from yesterday evening onwards. The emergency services have high hopes for the operation: “We hope it will have a great effect,” said the fire brigade spokesman. He also said that contrary to an initial assessment, it was found the area south of the blast site was also quite heavily contaminated by ammunition that has been blown around by the explosions: “But aerial firefighting is now possible.” Source: spiegel



Criminal Profiteers make cash from the outsourcing of deportations

The federal states are legally obliged to maintain capacities for asylum procedures and deportations at larger airports. In Brandenburg, an oversized deportation centre at the Berlin-Brandenburg “Willy Brandt” airport is planned for this purpose, according to critics. Apparently, a capitalist with a criminal record for real estate transactions is to profit from this by hook or crook. The evaluation of hundreds of emails, minutes and contracts revealed in the previous state government of SPD and “die Linke”, the Ministry of the Interior led by hardliner Karl-Heinz Schröter (SPD) relied on outsourcing to a private profiteer to be able to create facts without hindrance. Source: jW

Right-wing Extremists dream of a “German winter of rage”

Brandenburg’s head of constitutional protection, Jörg Müller, warns that extremists could exploit the energy crisis and high inflation for their own purposes. “Extremists dream of a German rage winter,” he said. According to a survey conducted in July, most German citizens support the sanctions against Russia. In Eastern Germany, however, 51 per cent disapprove if the sanctions will result in energy problems and a decline in economic output. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) mentioned that “Enemies of democracy are just waiting to abuse crises to spread doomsday fantasies, fear and uncertainty.” Source: Islamiq

Racist” Bild Campaign against Childrens tv Presenter

The Bild newspaper recently published a text criticising KiKa presenter and actor Matondo Castlo (28) for having taken part in an allegedly “anti-Israel” youth festival in the Palestinian town of Farkha. In an accompanying video about Castlo, the German-Palestinian journalist and doctor Nemi El-Hassan, who was killed last year due to a similarly tendentious Springer campaign, was also remembered. Matondo Castlo himself commented in an Instagram post: his trip to the Farkha festival was “not politically motivated”. The difficult situation of the local children and young people has made him very emotional, so that he had spontaneously accepted the invitation to take part in a demonstration against violence. Source: Berliner Zeitung

Killed by police with five shots

Another death in a police operation: on Monday, a 16-year-old refugee from Senegal died in Dortmund’s Nordstadt district after being hit by five shots from a submachine gun. The youth attacked the officers with a knife, a police spokesperson claimed afterwards. According to Carsten Domberg, the senior public prosecutor in charge of the case, the incident occurred in the afternoon in a courtyard between a church and a youth welfare centre where the Senegalese, who had come to Germany as an unaccompanied minor refugee, was being cared for. The young black man is already the fourth fatality because of police action nationwide in just seven days. Source: jW

More child benefit but no 9-euro ticket Federal

Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) wants to prevent a “stealth tax increase” which he thinks would be dangerous for economic development. The “traffic-light-coalition” wants to release new relief measures. According to the media, which have the draft bill, the basic tax-free allowance is to be increased to 10,633 euros next year and to 10,933 the year after next. Lindner also wants to increase child benefit: for the first two children, it is to rise by eight euros to 227 euros next year, for instance. However, the politician considers the 9-Euro-Ticket to be unsustainable. Source: morgenpost

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