News from Berlin and Germany, 10th December 2021

Weekly news roundup from Berlin and Germany



Remembering Amadeu Antonio – murdered by skinheads

Amadeu Antonio was 27 years old when he arrived in Eberswalde in 1987 together with 100 contract workers from Angola. On 25 November 1990, on his way home, he was surrounded by skinheads and kicked into a coma. The 6th of December marks the 31st anniversary of his death. In an interview with Augusto Jone Munjunga, who came to the GDR as a contract worker and currently runs the Palanca cultural association, talks about how stressful the situation then was, considering racism. He also talks about walking alone in Berlin, or how much Eberswalde has changed. Source: taz

Residents of H48 fight to save their homes

H48, a complex of three buildings at Hermannstraße 48 (Neukölln), stands in front of a grandiose old factory building. Today 140 people live and work there. A community has grown there together – so much that they decided to buy the property and run it collectively. One person disagreed – and this was the landlord. At the beginning of this year, residents received a letter saying that the building was being sold to a Hermannshof 48 Grundbesitzgesellschaft mbH. Speculators are not interested in renting, but it could be worth a fortune as luxury lofts or office space – such as with Yorck59, 15 years ago. Source: exBerliner



AfD win chair of the Interior Committee

The traffic light coallition could have prevented the AfD from chairing the Interior Committee. The committee chairs are distributed in several rounds according to faction strength. However, because the Greens promised Anton Hofreiter a committee chairmanship as a substitute for the denied post of Minister of Agriculture, they surprisingly chose the less radiant Europe Committee instead of Home Affairs. Hofreiter is to chair this committee in future. The AfD laughed up their sleeves and then gladly took the interior committee. In later allocation rounds, the AfD still secured the chair for health and development cooperation. Source: taz

Nuclear phase-out is still not guaranteed

In an interview with Matthias Eickhoff, political scientist, and activist against atomic power, he affirms basically the nuclear phase-out is not yet secured, and uranium enrichment in Germany should be terminated. He points out there are many issues are still open. Among them, “(…) huge gaps in the nuclear phase-out law, which was passed after the reactor catastrophe in Fukushima.” Regarding the “traffic light coalition”, he remembers the crucial ministries will be run by the Greens. “As environment minister, Steffi Lemke must quickly draw up a decommissioning roadmap. And Robert Habeck, as the responsible Minister of Economics, must enforce an export ban on enriched uranium, fuel elements and uranium waste.” Source: taz

Apparent assassination plans against Saxon Prime Minister

After threats against Saxony’s head of government Michael Kretschmer in a Telegram chat group, the police and public prosecutor’s office in Dresden are investigating the case. According to the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) of Saxony, the group “Dresden Offlinevernetzung” and its members are suspected of a criminal offence. The Central Office for Extremism in Saxony of the General Public Prosecutor’s Office in Dresden is currently investigating which criminal charges come into question. The 103 members of the group were united by their opposition to vaccinations, the state, and the current Corona policy. Source: dw

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