All out to 1 May in Grunewald!


All out for the day of autonomous social work in the villa district!

This year, the neighbourhood management is once more inviting you to kiss awake the socially neglected area from its thorny sleep.

  • A super 3 finger bicycle parade from all compass points in Berlin

  • A dignified local rally in the heart of Grunewald.

  • And a programme which brings it all together in “Radio Free Grunewald

  • For the good life for all!

The neighbourhood management Grunewald takes the low-level outreach approach with the difficult clientele of the wealthy. With a direct address to the socially disadvantaged district, we are taking Grunewald residents out of their isolation behind hedges and fences! We are getting things going into the society of solidarity!

We have large challenges in front of us as a society. Rent madness, nursing emergency, global exploitation, climate catastrophe – all these problems and rooted in the unjust and undemocratic distribution of wealth. War was and is also a business. War victims and war profiteers are and were never the same people. For one there is flight, casualties and death, for the other the expectation of fat yields. The share prices of Rheinmetall and other war profiteers are steeply rising.

Get Redistribution Done

Berlin is on the mover, whether through strikes of delivery riders and care workers or countless bicycle parades for a humanitarian change of transport policy. A very clear majority of Berliners decide in the Deutsche Wohnen & CO Enteignen referendum for the expropriation of large real estate companies. Even 23% of Grunwalder supported this demand for the common good. But given the dangerous concentration of wealth in Grunewald, that is just a start.

The Trend goes towards self-expropriation!

What we need is a far-reaching reform of wealth distribution in Grunewald and all the other wealth hot spots. It is time that the Grunewalder stop clinging on to their wealth and begin to actively engage in redistribution and to build the good life for all.

Where there’s a villa there’s a way!

Got onto your bike and into the movement. Together with the feeder parade of your choice to the Roten Rathaus and then together as bicycle parade to Grunewald. Or simply experience the social mix at Johannaplatz! Bring the Grundwalder out of their irresponsible passivity! Change the fossil motorway into a bike lane together, reinvigorate through people and musics and then to the 6pm demonstration in Kreuzberg.

We’re approaching the Grundwalder with plain words and an outstretches hand! We’re not giving up on the problem distruct!

1st May in Grunewald! As tasty as the May punch of the top class!

Feeder parades

  • Wedding/Prenzlauer Berg – Gesundbrunnen 10am-11am

  • Lichternberg – Ostkreuz Laskerstraße 10-11am

  • Neukölln/Treptow – Zickenplatz 10-11am

Large rally: Johannaplatz, 12-4pm

Then along the A100 to the end in Neukölln at 5.30pm