Member Directory

Keith Prushankin is a doctoral candidate with the SCRIPTS project at Freie Universität Berlin. His research focuses on the linkages between neoliberal economics and the rise of illiberal populism in Central and Eastern Europe.

Victor Grossman is long-standing US activist and journalist based in Berlin.

He is a member of the Berlin LINKE Internationals and writes a regular Berlin bulletin.

Hari Kumar is  a retired physician, who now is a full-time activist. He was trained in the UK, but with cutbacks under Mrs. Thatcher had to leave. He has worked in 4 countries.

Merlin Reader is an SWP member in London. He is an openly gay socialist and an activist for 25+ years.

Tina Lee is a writer and researcher based in Berlin, Germany and the co-founder of

Formerly of a village known as Little Moscow in North East England, Anna Southern was a Socialist member of the UK Labour Party and Momentum, and treasurer of Berlin Labour until she couldn't take it any more. 

Mihir Sharma teaches political anthropology at the University of Bayreuth. He writes about race, class, and the environments, especially in the context of social movements. He can be reached via Twitter @mihirzabaan or via E-mail