Marzahn Pride

Marzahn – we all love alike


Marzahn – we all love alike!

On July 17th the non-profit LGBTQ* organization Quarteera e.V., led by Russian-speaking activists, in cooperation with LesLeFam e.V., is holding a Pride Parade in the Berlin district of Marzahn for the second time.

The opening speech will be given by the district mayor of Marzahn-Hellersdorf Dagmar Pohle, who has also assumed the patronage of the Marzahn Pride. There will be speeches from Quarteera’s cooperation partners, including the Alliance for Tolerance and Democracy, the Federal Association of Russian-speaking Parents and the Waldschlösschen Academy.

The message of this year’s Marzahn Prides is “We all love alike…” (in German “Marzahn – das bunte Miteinande”). Quarteera wants to convey that everyone – the residents of the district and any other Berliners, regardless of whether they are migrants, LGBTIQ* or not – have a lot in common. We laugh alike, we cry alike. After all, sexuality or identity is just one of the aspects that play a big role in life, but it is not the aspect that overshadows everything else.

About Quarteera:

Quarteera e.V. is a non-profit organization of Russian-speaking LGBT people and LGBT * – allies in Germany. For over a decade we have been focused on LGBT * rights, activism and education. With the support of the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Agency for Civic Education, Quarteera organizes numerous projects and cooperates with several German NGOs.

You can find more detailed information about us on our website.

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