Mad and Disability Pride

Celebrate the disabled and mad


It’s already 10 years of Mad and Disability Pride in Berlin! This year we’ll take to the streets again on September 9, 2023, starting at 3pm from Hermannplatz. We’ll finish with a stage at Südblock at Kottbusser Tor, Admiralstraße 1-2, 10999 Berlin. Spoken contributions will be held in German spoken language and translated to German Sign Language.

The “Disabled and Mad Celebrate” Pride Parade was first organised in 2013 on the initiative of the ak moB and the AK Psychiatriekritik. The current planning plenum is made up of individuals, some of whom are active in the supporting organisations. We aim to ensure that a significant number of the people preparing the parade describe themselves as disabled or mad, or are treated as such. We are self-organised, work without pay, and make decisions together.

We often discuss the question of inclusion in the group. We can start with the premise of organising society so that no one is excluded or faces discrimination. This means that society must change fundamentally. The way in which the word “inclusion” is currently used has little to do with what we mean by it. We reject this superficial inclusion. You can find some more thoughts about this in our 2015 statement

We do not use the word “disabled” as a denigratory term. “Disabled” means that people are excluded, disadvantaged, disabled through social relations. Here are a couple of examples: there are still too few ramps and lifts, too little money for sign-language interpreters, virtually no texts in braille or simple language.

Everyone who recognises themselves in what we are saying is invited to the parade, as is everyone who supports the parade’s statements. Above all, people who are, or feel themselves to be “disabled” or “mad”. As are their supporters, companions and friends.

The route of the Pride Parade 2023 is available as a PDF. On September 9, we start at 15:00 at Hermannplatz. The route is about 1.7 km long, and ends outside Südblock, near Kotbusser Tor.

The parade will take place outdoors, where the likelihood of infecting each other with Corona or other diseases is lower than indoors. Nevertheless, there will be a particularly large number of people from at-risk groups at the parade. Therefore, and in general, IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS OF AN AIRBORNE INFECTIOUS DISEASE, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE PARADE.

More information is available from our Website.