Klima für Palästina

Palestinian Liberation is a Climate Justice Issue


Klima für Palästina is a group of climate justice activists who see justice for Palestinians as inseparable from climate justice and environmental justice. The group, which was formed in October 2023, recognises that Germany’s mainstream climate movement lacks inherent solidarity with Palestine, even though it is clear that there can be no climate justice on occupied land.

New gas projects off the coast of Gaza, ecocide of Palestinian land and natural ecosystems, water apartheid, destruction of farmland, and major emissions from Israeli missiles and explosions in Gaza all directly contribute to climate destruction.

By ignoring this struggle, climate activists are ignoring a crucial element of the basic struggle against climate change and environmental devastation. Klima für Palästina activates this joint and collective struggle by holding educational events for new and existing climate activists, such as panel discussions and interventions at demonstrations, by working with Palestinian solidarity groups and anti-arms groups to bring the fight for climate justice into their realm, and by creating spaces for joint discussion and collaboration between groups.

The group is made up of activists from around the world, hailing from different movements, but all passionate about collective struggle and intersectionality between two of the most pressing fights in the world right now. There can be no climate justice without justice for all.

To find out more, follow @Klima4Palaestina on Instagram and if you’d like to join, send us a direct message.