Izquierda Unida Berlin

Organising the Spanish left in Berlin


Izquierda Unida Berlín (IU Berlín) is the basis assembly of IU in Germany’s capital. It is part of the Federation of IU Exterior (IU Abroad). As such, the main objectives of the assembly are to defend the rights of Spanish emigrants (right to vote, right to health care, rights of displaced workers), as well as to preserve the memory of the Republican exile in the GDR and of the International Brigades.Finally, IU Berlin has deep anti-fascist convictions. Thus, we join the rallies against the rise of the extreme right and its discourse of hate.

As an internationalist organisation, we believe it is important to work, cooperate and fight side by side with sister organisations in Berlin and Germany, such as Die Linke. We are also involved in social movements such as the affordable housing movement and the expropiation movement (Deutsche Wohnen & Co. Enteignen, Mietenwahnsinn), the feminist movement and the anti-imperialist movement (defending oppressed peoples such as the Palestinians and the Sahrawi people and rejection of war, arms exports and interventionism).

Our assemblies are open. Do you want to get informed?

Write to berlin@iuexterior.org or follow us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.