Irish Bloc Berlin

Berlin-based platform for Irish solidarity with Palestine


Formed in February 2024, Irish Bloc Berlin is a community of activists from different backgrounds, equally open to people who are not Irish or European, but who share our common commitment to Palestinian liberation. We foreground international solidarity and collective organisation, and seek meaningful and practical ways to support our Palestinian and international comrades wherever possible. We aim to resist Germany’s systematic and racialised silencing of pro-Palestinian voices.

Irish Bloc Berlin stands as an expression of the Irish people’s long-held solidarity with Palestinians, advocating for liberation and serving as a forum for our collective rage and confusion in the face of ongoing injustice in social, cultural, and political institutions. We believe in the urgent need for new and interconnected structures for international solidarity and advocacy, tackling these pervasive issues from the bottom up. The Bloc seeks to remain a proactive voice of solidarity, raising funds to support Palestinian causes and promoting awareness of the genocide in Gaza as well as injustices throughout historic Palestine.

Check out past and future actions on the Irish Bloc’s Instagram and Telegram channels.