International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War


IPPNW stands for International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. The IPPNW is an international association of doctors which campaigns for a peaceful world free of nuclear weapons and understands itself as a professional organisation for peace.

Tens of thousands doctors worldwide in over 60 countries on all 5 continents belong to the IPPNW. As a form of “political medicine” which aims at preserving life and making life worth living, we campaign for the health of their patients: for a shared future across all political borders and social systems. In Germany, almost 6,000 doctors and medical students are active in the IPPNW for a healthy and dignified life without nuclear weapons or nuclear energy.

40 years ago, a Russian and a US-American doctor launched the IPPNW in the middle of the Cold War. Their aim was to prevent a nuclear war. Barely one year later, in 1982, the German section was formed. The doctors are involved in different campaigns to raise awareness of the consequences of a nuclear war, stressing the social, economic and psychological costs of the arms race. In 1985, the organisation received the Nobel Peace Prize for their engagement.

On 1st October, members of the doctors’ organisation are taking part in demonstrations, rallies and vigils, including one in Berlin. They are following a call of the two national networks “Bundesausschuss Friedensratschlag“ and “Kooperation für den Frieden“ which demands political change towards peace and disarmament,

Following the illegal invasion by Russian troops of Ukraine, peace organisations fear an escalation of the war. The danger of the deployment of nuclear weapons or even a nuclear war has not been as great for decades. In Germany, and worldwide, tremendous sums are invested in armaments, money that could be used for climate protection and social spending. Food scarcity endangers the lives of people in the whole world.

Berlin action: Stop the War! Immediate Ceasefire! Negotiations not Shooting!, Neptunenbrunnen (Alexanderplatz). Saturday, 1st October, 2pm.