Gorillas Workers Collective

Workers united organising for fair work conditions at @gorillasapp


We are under attack!

Gorillas is undermining its workers in every possible way. They are illegally firing those who dare to strike for their basic rights. They are attempting to stop the establishment of a Workers’ Council. They are suing election workers and threatening them with jailtime. They are regularly stealing workers’ hard- earned wages. They are doing absolutely nothing to eliminate work accidents.

Precarisation is everywhere, and we must not let Gorillas be an example to other companies who wish to demolish our rights. We refuse to be their “flexible workforce”:

We say “No!” to precarisation and the exploitation of labour.

We say “No!” to unionbusting and arbitrary firings.

We say “No!” to putting workers` lives at risk because of poor work equipment.

We say “No!” to the misuse of vulnerabilities of migrant workers.

We say “No!” to being the new “Gastarbeiter”.

We, political groups and precarious workers of Berlin, come together to stand with Gorillas Workers. We demand the reinstatement of the workers who got fired for striking! An injury to one is an injury to all!

Together, we must fight to prevent this cruel gig-economy from becoming the new normal! On November 16th, the evening before the Electoral Council’s court case, we take to the streets to show that Gorillas workers are not alone – we are all affected by this! The bosses’ greed and union-busting will fall apart, but only if we stand together as one.