Gemeinsam gegen Verdrängung und Mietwahnsinn

Together against evictions and rent madness


Stop the rent madness – now more than ever!

We don’t just want the lid, we want the whole pot – for the socialization of housing in Berlin and everywhere else!

We are angry! The rent cap we fought for was taken away from us by the Constitutional Court. Again we are facing rents that are driving us into poverty, once more we have to fear eviction and displacement. Homeless people are already forced to live in crowded mass accommodations. Is this our right to housing?!

Our homes and the whole city of Berlin have become a playground of speculators. Our bookstores, pubs, Spätis and youth centers are falling victim to the logic of profit. Contracts are canceled and collectives evicted. The latest sad example of this is the self-organized youth center Potse, which is about to be displaced.

You don’t want to give us the lid? Then we take back the whole pot and reclaim the city!
The end of the rent cap shows that we cannot just rely on the state, but that we can only help ourselves. The ruling of the courts show how important it is that we stick together!

Let’s continue to fight for the expropriation of real estate companies and the socialization of housing! Fight for a city where everyone can live as they want! And let us demand a rent cap at the federal level!
We call out to the market radicals and landlords: The last word on rent madness has not been spoken! We will take to the streets even more decisively and loudly and work together for the solidary city of tomorrow!

Talk to your neighbors, organize in your houses, in your neighborhoods, and in our movement. Set a sign against the rent madness – now more than ever!