Fundraiser – The Reason of State – Documentary Film

A documentary investigating Germany’s war on Palestinian voices


Like other Western nations, Germany has funded the war in Gaza, increasing its military budget and abetting Israel with material and political support as they continue to kill tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians.

However, what is unique about Germany is the sheer level of repression towards Palestinians and their supporters. Protests have been banned, even chants and slogans have been banned, all in the name of protecting Israel’s national security.

This is such a high priority for the German government that they call it their “reason of state.”

The German media closely reflects this agenda, reporting only the Israeli version of events in Gaza, and grossly misrepresenting or completely ignoring the Palestinian perspective.

It is about time this changed. The purpose of this documentary film project is to highlight the Palestinian voice that has been erased from the media for decades. We have already completed 70% of the filming for the first episode and drafted an editing script.

By funding this independent project, we will be able to investigate, explain, and reveal Germany’s support for Israel, its impact on Europe’s largest Palestinian community, and how those affected are fighting back.

After producing the first episode, we hope to extend the project into a series or a feature-length film focusing on how Germany’s pervasive pro-Israel bias has infiltrated society. This will include Germany’s classification of Israel as their “Reason of State,” Germany’s anti-BDS resolution, the silencing of students, artists, and academics within Germany’s higher education institutions, and Germany’s anti-Palestinian response to the Israel-Hamas war.

Fundraising goals

  • € 15,000 will enable us to complete the first 25-minute episode, which we will release for free on YouTube. We may choose to partner with an established channel in order to increase our reach.
  • € 30,000 will enable us to produce the first episode to a higher standard, making it even more engaging and allowing us to reach a bigger audience.

Further funds will allow us to produce more episodes or a feature-length version of the film for wider distribution.

About the team

Hebh Jamal is a Palestinian journalist living in Germany. Her reporting on the repression of Palestinians in Germany has appeared on Al Jazeera, Middle East Eye, Mondoweiss, and 972 Magazine.

Tom Wills is a British journalist living in Germany. He has researched and produced documentaries for international broadcasters including Al Jazeera and the BBC. His reporting on the repression of Palestine solidarity in Germany has appeared in Middle East Eye, Neues Deutschland, and Junge Welt.

Allocation of funds

  • 30% to Hebh Jamal (Presenter & Co-Producer)
  • 30% to Tom Wills (Director & Co-Producer)
  • 40% for production expenses (equipment rental, travel costs, additional crew, etc.) to be agreed by Hebh & Tom

You can make your donation here.