Fora Bolsonaro

Progressive Collectives and Independents from Brazil


We are organizing a demonstration in favor of the impeachment of Bolsonaro and against all the harmful policies implemented by him in Brazil in the various sectors of the lives of Brazilians. We want an end to the looting imposed on the country, to the privatisations.

The aim of this protest is to urge awareness to the harmfully policies implemented in Brazil by the actual government. Bolsonaro’s neoliberal agenda is dismantling various sectors in Brazil.

We are protesting against the negligence with the health policy in combating the coronavirus (to date there are 600,000 deaths due to Covid); against the economic policy that favors large landowners and leads the population to hunger and misery, against the destruction of our biomes.

Bolsonaro has instigated violence against historically vulnerable groups such as indigenous peoples, the black population, quilombola groups, women and LGBTQI+.

We call for an end to this policy of death and all this violence against the majority of Brazilians. The international community does pay attention to the situation in Brazil, despite Bolsonaro’s statements at the UN everyone knows about our reality. (that what is happening there is very serious.)

We call for a clear position of the German government regarding  what is happening in Brazil. The Bolsonaro government must be hold accountable to their crimes.

Our democracy is facing a severe attack; therefore it is urgent to assure that we will have election process next year, and that our justice institutions guaranties that.  (constantly attacked by the coup attempts, by the campaigns against our justice institutions promoted by Bolsonaro and his allies. We want the return of the democratic rule of law in the country.

On October 2nd (Saturday) several demonstrations will be taking place around Brazilian cities, as well as abroad.  Doing so, we here in Berlin call all supporters to join us from 14:30 to 16:30 at Pariser Platz.

Our goal with this demonstration is to denounce here in Berlin what happens in Brazil, attract people to our fight and also encourage Brazilians living in Brazil to fight.

We invite everyone to support us and participate in this demonstration. Whoever wants to make a short speech about it can do so.
Thank you for your attention.