Extinction Rebellion Berlin

Acting against climate change – now in English as well


Do you worry about the climate and ecological crisis? Do you sometimes get the feeling that just going to a demonstration every now and then is not enough to push government action on the issue? Then Extinction Rebellion might be the place for you. As part of an effort to include the many non-German speaking people living in Berlin, XR is organizing several events in English where you’ll get to know more about the movement and its demands. The next appointment is an introduction evening (Onboarding) on Thursday the 14th of April at 7 p.m., which will be held at Liebenwalder Straße 11 (Wedding). Besides, as many of our activists come from abroad, some neighbourhood-groups are 100% bilingual!

Being an activist with Extinction Rebellion means using the methods of civil disobedience to call for a radical change in our toxic socioeconomic system, which is pushing us towards climate catastrophe by prioritising profits over human lives. When doing civil disobedience, we cross the law and disturb the daily live e.g. by blocking streets or with disruptive performances. We do this non-violently and as inclusive as possible. But Extinction Rebellion is not only about civil disobedience. It is also about the way we live and care for each other. Behind everyone glued on the window of a government building or blocking the street, ten to twenty people are taking care of support and other things in the background.

We believe that ‘green capitalism’ is a lie: the planet cannot be saved by the same people and corporations that brought it to the brink of disaster, greedily appropriating natural resources and actively profiting from a racist and patriarchal system. Civil disobedience is the best way to hold them and the government accountable, while demanding the stop of greenhouse gas emissions and a more participatory democracy, with the establishment of citizens’ assemblies to take power away from the fossil fuel lobbies.

Interested? Then join the Onboarding event on Thursday! And if you can’t make it then, the English-speaking XR group in Neukölln meets every Monday at 7 p.m. at Wolf Café (Weserstraße 59). We’re waiting for you!