LINKE Berlin Internationals Orga meeting, including discussion on the AfD with Ferat Kocak

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  • 04/03/2024
    19:00 - 21:00

Currently, the AfD is polling second in polls of who Germans are likely to vote for in the next elections. Despite revelations of AfD representatives attending meetings which discussed the “remigration” (ie deportation) of millions of people, and demonstrations of up to 300,000 people, they are still polling at around 20% – more than any party in the government.

So far, the demonstrations against the AfD have been large, but not without problems. Some have been dominated by members of the ruling coalition, who many argue are paying the way towards the AfD with their politics of of cuts and militarisation. There have also been a number of instances where Palestinians and other victims of racism have not been made welcome at anti-racist demos.

So, how can we stop the Afd? Are social democrats and Greens our friends or our enemies? How can we build broad demonstrations which are welcoming to everybody? With large demonstrations planned against the AfD national conference at the end of June, are demonstrations alone enough.

At the next LINKE Internationals monthly meeting, we will be discussing these questions and more with Ferat Kocak, anti-racist activist, local councillor and blogger (active on social media as Der Neuköllner). Everyone is invited to join the debate.

The meeting will take place, as usual, in Ferat’s office in Schierkerstraße 26 between U-Bahn stations Leinstraße and Hermannstraße.  The discussion on the AfD will be preceded by around half an hour planning our activities, including the following

  • Report back from our Palestine Reading Group

  • preparation of the Gaza film and fa (on March 16th)

  • Preparation of meeting on Neosovereignism in the West African Sahel: Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger (on March 22nd)

  • postponed Summer Camp in September.

  • Statement in Syndikat banninng Palestine meeting

  • Is our Telegram group getting too big?

The meeting is open to everyone, especially non-German activists living in Berlin

  • Schierker Str. 26, Berlin, Berlin, Germany