El Sur Resiste

Global Action on October 12, 2023


More than two thousand years ago, the war between empires for the acquisition of land, natural resources, and geostrategic trade sites was based on the conquest of territories and the creation of borders. This was always done at the expense of the destruction of cultures and the blood of indigenous peoples.

This history of genocide and plunder, has Europe at its centre, seeking to expand itself to Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Thanks to this massive plundering, the great economic and political powers emerged. They started to compete for power and hegemony in a world under construction, for its borders and trade routes.

This ambition would finance campaigns of “exploration” to all corners of the planet. One of them took place more than 500 years ago, with “the discovery of America, the clash of worlds”. This history was written by the victors, with the blood of millions of murdered indigenous people and the ethnocide of millenary cultures.

At this point in time, the plundering and looting became global, and the main commercial routes of the great capitals were established. This, together with the advance of industry and technology, made historical developments more and more violent, happening simultaneously everywhere in the world.

Here and now, when we talk about NEOCOLONIZATION, we reflect beyond the theory, discourses, and historical debt of the GLOBAL NORTH (these are issues that we must continue to work on individually and collectively). To speak of NEOCOLONIZATION is to speak of the threats and violence happening to all corners of the GLOBAL SOUTH and to MOTHER NATURE. These are destroying our PRESENT and threatening the FUTURE of all of us.

However, this is also a history of resistance. We are the insurrections against pharaohs and kings, we are the revolts against landowners and rulers, we are the guerrillas, the independences, the revolutions, the strikes, the occupations, the recovery of lands, and of course we are also Organization and Autonomy, Cultures and Traditions, Alliances, Networks and Articulations, we are our Ancestries and Territories. We are equal because we are different and among so many differences, there are more things that unite us, than those that divide us.

In order not to forget, to remember, to unite in the face of so much adversity, WE CALL on the Peoples, Communities, Organizations, Collectives, Cooperatives, and all expressions of social movements relating to Indigenous, Peasant, Popular, Anarchist, Feminist, Environmentalist, Human Rights Defenders, Free Media and other struggles, to organize and carry out actions on October 12 in a decentralized, organized and coordinated manner.

  • We demand the end of the dispossession, plunder and destruction of nature and territories by big global capital and corporate states!
  • Stop racism, fascism and imposition of new military and industrial borders, migration is not a crime!
  • Stop violence and repression against social movements, organizations, communities, and peoples defending nature, the future and life itself on the planet!
  • Stop the war of extermination against the ZAPATIST, Kurdish, PALESTINIAN peoples and all the peoples of the GLOBAL SOUTH, who struggle and resist for a dignified human life!
  • Enough of trans-feminicide violence, respect for diversity and gender dissidence!
  • We demand Truth and Justice for those who were disappeared and murdered!
  • Freedom for political prisoners!
  • For housing and a dignified life, stop gentrification and predatory tourism!
  • If they touch one of us, they touch us all!
  • For an anti-patriarchal, anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, anti-racist, anti-racist and anti-imperialist struggle, another system is possible!

THE SOUTH RESISTS! in every corner of the GLOBAL SOUTH!

We call you to stay tuned for information and future communications through the website www.elsurresiste.org.