Democratic United Front: A call for solidarity!

Statement by the Sudanese Workers Alliance for the Restoration of Trade Unions on the military takeover


There is no alternative but to continue the struggle, bring the downfall of the coup, mobilize our masses and achieve the complete demands and aspirations of the December revolution.

“The coup of parasitic capitalism was instigated by the warlord, Hemeti, and Burhan, the Al-Bashir Security apparatus, and the rest of the warlords who traffic in the suffering of their people, and the political brokers who come in every colour and shape.”

We ask the working class worldwide to stand in solidarity with the people of Sudan.

Today, October 25, 2021, the great Sudanese people are waging their bright, hard and blood-stained struggle against a military coup. There is no alternative but to overthrow and uproot all the forces that oppose democratic transformation, and who serving the interests of parasitic capitalism and its international and regional masters, must be held accountable for all their crimes, for their corruption, and their deep-rooted hostility to our people’s yearning for freedom, justice and peace.

We, the Sudanese Workers Alliance for the Restoration of Trade Unions call upon our members, female and male workers, craftswomen/men, wage workers, producers and toilers in the countryside and cities to engage in a protracted struggle against this very evident, undeniable coup, we call upon them to engage in civil disobedience and a general strike until the downfall of the counterrevolution. We must do so with the vigilance and caution that is necessary to resist all bargains or deals that run contrary to the demands of the revolution.

We must unreservedly avoid compromises, like the agreement signed on August 17, 2019, which forced the December 2018 revolution into an impasse, and prevented all of its glorious goals from coming into fruition. We urge the people to build an independent democratic union bloc that derives its legitimacy from work and which will be committed to the adherence of its own espoused principles. We are also making it clear that the Sudanese Workers Alliance for the Restoration of Trade Unions is fully committed to doing its utmost best to coordinate, network and deliver all required information that needs to be disseminated for this democratic bloc on our social media pages.

The power of the coup is the power of parasitic capitalism. It is inherently hostile to the common interests of male and female workers and all of the classes of wage earners; it is necessarily hostile to our people and their right to a dignified life. Parasitic capitalism contradicts the just demand of the Sudanese people for sovereignty over our country’s wealth and resources. There is no alternative but the protracted struggle for the downfall of the coup, the liquidation of its compromised institutions and agencies and the repealing of all of its regional and international alliances.

Our message to the honourable non-commissioned officers, the rank-and-file of the armed forces, the officers in the armed forces, the police, and the armed movements, is that they abide by their duty to protect their people and align themselves with the cause of the democratic transition. They should not point their guns at the bare chests of the daughters and sons of Sudan, who stand proud with determination and the yearning for freedom, justice and peace.

We must be clear. This disastrous coup will only serve the same social classes, and the regional and international interests that the Bashir regime always sought to protect, and who in turn stayed quite in the face of their corruption, actions and crimes throughout dictatorial rule.

We will succeed.

Our people are stronger than murderers and saboteurs, we have accumulated legacies of resistance responsible for bringing down many dictatorships who thought they had succeeded in breaking the Sudanese people’s resolve. The victory of our revolution is certain, regardless of the brutality of the counter-revolutionaries and the thirst for blood among vampiric putschists.

Glory to the people of Sudan and to the martyrs of the Sudanese revolution of all eras. Long live the struggle of the Sudanese Working class, of all Sudanese workers.

Glory to the bloc of the hungry.

The Sudanese Workers Alliance for the Restoration of Trade Unions. October 25, 2021