Cuba Si

in solidarity with Cuba


Cuba si was founded in 1991 as a working group in the then PDS (now DIE LINKE). Political and material solidarity with socialist Cuba is the basic concern and essential content of our activities. Cuba sí is part of the internationalist movement against war, neoliberalism, fascism, exploitation and exclusion. The struggle for a just world, for peace, social and democratic human rights, the preservation of the environment and the right of peoples to decide their own destiny determines our political activity.

Our demands are: End the US blockade and the US aggression against Cuba! An end to the attempts of interference and destabilisation by the USA and the governments of individual EU countries in Cuba, Latin America and worldwide! The US naval base at Guantánamo must be returned to Cuba!

By financial and material donations, Cuba sí has been supporting agricultural development projects in various farms in a total of four provinces in Cuba since 1993, helping them to develop ecologically, economically and socially sustainable agriculture. Cuba sí provides support through better use of resources, through education and qualification of farm workers, and the purchase of machinery and equipment, – all this aims at improving the productive basis on the farms so that more food can be grown. In addition, we support the health care and cultural facilities in the project regions.

Every year around 26 July, we celebrate the Cuban National Day in Berlin with a big Fiesta de Solidaridad. This year, 26 July is a special anniversary – celebrating the 70th anniversary of the storming of the Moncada barracks in Santiago de Cuba in 1953. Even though the revolutionaries around Fidel Castro were not successful at that time, the date is still considered the beginning of the revolution, which won on 1 January 1959. Since then, Cuba has freed itself from the dictates of the former US puppet governments and is developing its own socialist social model.

Our fiesta is an open-air event with a focus on Cuba/Latin America/solidarity work. There will be a stage programme with roundtable discussions and and live music as well as information booths of various solidarity groups and left-alternative


Celebrate this anniversary with Cuba sí at the “Fiesta de Solidaridad” on 29 July 2023 at Parkaue in Berlin-Lichtenberg (near S+U Frankfurter Allee)! From 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. it will be colourful and diverse with music and political debate on the main stage, in the event tent and at numerous information stands! Of course, you can also dance to the lively sounds of salsa!

You can expect a varied music and talk programme with lots of information from Cuba and the Cuba sí projects. Musical highlights will be provided by Kai Degenhardt, the singer Mayito Rivera, former member of the legendary Cuban band “Los Van Van”, the Colombian Ska punk band “The Klaxon” and the Berlin local heroes from “Probably Nancy”.

A ticket in the soli raffle will give someone with a bit of luck the top prize – a flight to Cuba! It will be typically Cuban at the domino tables. Cuban and Latin American solidarity groups, left-wing initiatives and Lichtenberg neighbourhood groups will be presenting themselves at around 40 information stands.

Mark your calendars for 29 July, bring your family and friends and spread the word! We are also looking forward to receiving home-made cakes for our cake bazaar!

You can see photos from last year’s festival here.