Corner Späti

Weekly discussions of a deteriorating world all from the comfort of your local smoke-filled Spätkauf


Corner Späti is a weekly political comedy podcast about Europe based out of Berlin hosted by comedians, researchers, historians and journalists Ciarán, Nick, Julia, Uma and Rob. You may remember them from the 2021 election night show in Donau115. The podcast discusses news, history and movements from a left wing perspective while laughing at an absurd world and system that demands to be taken seriously.

The podcast has been going since 2019 covering a wide range of topics such as more serious discussions of Deutsche Wohnen & Co Enteignen, Palestine in German Media and revolutions in the post-Soviet world to less serious and more comedic discussions of Bulgaria’s richest man attempting to start a political party in exile or Georgia’s ruling party being named after the richest man’s son’s hit rap song. You can browse the full range of topics discussed here. Hopefully there’s an episode here that’s interesting and will make you laugh.

On Sunday July 17th at 18:30, Corner Späti will be doing a live show in noisy Rooms, Revaler str. 99 as a part of Podfest Berlin 2022. Podfest Berlin is a festival that brings together various podcasts in this city, in German, English, French, Arabic etc to conduct live recordings with an audience. Tickets are available here  and you can use the code COMMUNITY-DEAL-EINS to get 20% off a single ticket or COMMUNITY-DEAL-22 to get 20% off the weekend ticket. Here’s a facebook event for those who need it. The Podcasts range from comedy to serious, news to story telling, so there should be something for everyone.