CommUNITY Culture Parade Against Capitalism

Combining political demands with cultural protest


What is the idea?

We bring CommUnity Culture to the streets! For us this means to combine political demands with cultural protest. Culture belongs on the streets, accessible to all: We don’t want profit culture in palaces for elites. Our counterculture is called community culture!‚Äč

Come to our commUnity culture parade!

With your crews, families, communities and friends*!
Together we bring our anti-capitalist demands, different perspectives, protest forms and actions to the streets!
Art has to get out of the palaces, onto the streets and into the movements!
Bring your musical instruments, transpis, songs and dances!
Laugh with us the powerful laughter from below – artistic and militant!

What is it about?

Who lives and who dies? That’s what the capitalist system decides every day. Be it the consequences of preventable or curable diseases, war, climate change, state repression, right-wing terror or the consequences of a murderous neoliberal economic policy.

Everyday people struggle to survive in the housing market, in education and employment, in health care, in hope of papers for a self-determined life. We fight for the survival of our places where we come together and organize our counter-culture: for the financing of our youth clubs, our self-managed spaces and artistic workshops.

Alive is our resistance and our struggles that we connect together. Alive are our demands and movements for a world without racism and sexism, with good working conditions, climate justice and health and housing for ALL – not only for the rich. Every struggle of ours is a step of the living future of SOLIDARITY – locally and internationally!

We come as CommUNITY!

…As activists, cultural workers and workers*. As anti-racist, feminist community organizers, as climate activists and farmers! We are Black people and of color, refugees, LGBTIQA*, exploited people and allies.

The Community – Culture Parade Alliance:

ABL- working group peasant agriculture
Legalization Now!
Sabotage Theater
Theater X
Venus Boys
Walk of Care
We’ll Come United Berlin Brandenburg